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CSS Media queries media types and features cheatsheet

Quick overview of the different values for media types and features for CSS media queries

How to fail fast your shell script

Discover a commands combo to fail fast your shell scripts

How to use git worktree and in a clean way

Discover git worktree, this git feature you wish you would have discovered years before and how to use it in a clean way

How to disable a variable font's variation features with open source tools

Step-by-step guide to strip variation features off of a variable font

How do browsers process the @font-face src descriptor list

A reference note to know how browsers do process the comma-separated list specified in the @font-face src descriptor

Bash command chaining operators

Little Wiki entry about a few bash command chaining operators

Vim indentation options

Little Wiki entry about the different Vim indentation options

Core principles of Progressive Enhancement

Progressive enhancement in few bullet points.

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